Creating the Best Premium Otah and Buns

Otah is one of the most favourited delicacies in Singapore and other parts of East Asia. We perfected our Otah recipe in a small place in Malaysia called Muar. They are supposed to be spicy, addictive, and delicious. We use a special concoction of Spanish Mackerel, imported spices, and hand made shrimp paste. When made with the correct methods and recipe, they are extremely fragrant and mouth-watering. 

Mackerel Wild Caught with Line

What most otah sellers do not know is that when they purchase fresh Spanish Mackerel from the fishmongers, it is important to opt for only those caught with line. Yes, they are a lot more expensive because the speed of supply is incredibly low, but, it does affect the overall taste a lot. When the fish is caught by net, there is inevitable trauma to the fish. Bundled with stress, you get a different taste, one that is more blend. As a result, food producers have to use more artificial flavouring that just does not taste as good as the real deal. 

Perfecting the Blend and Paste

Using premium ingredients and spices only, we blend all ingredients by hand until it becomes thick and fragrant. We further fry this paste until we get a rich and orangey colour. Did you know? We have spent at least 10 years perfecting our blend, and we are still performing research on a daily basis to discover how we can serve you better. Staying ahead of the competition is simply not enough!

Bundled with the Best Bun

We steam our handmade buns and then fill them with our awesome tasting otah. They are then frozen for stock purchases, or delivered immediately fresh for your consumption.